Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Children learn through their senses. I wanted to provide a new sensory experience for Stinky; Flubber. Instead of making it and introducing it to her I decided to include her in the cooking process. Cooking can be a great way to provide opportunities to enhance pre-math skills. Children learn the idea of measurement, volume, fractions, counting. Together we followed the recipe and Flubber was born. Flubber is really cool. You can bounce it, cut it, roll it and then it sticks back together to form a big blob. It starts out white but it's inevitable that little hands will eventually turn the Flubber a little brown. So the next step is to experiment with color and what happens when you add/mix color into the Flubber.

This activity as also given Stinky a new opportunity to practice her cutting skills. Flubber has a different consistency and depth then paper and provides a totally different experience in cutting.

If you want the recipe leave me a comment and I will send it to you. Flubber is pretty cool stuff.


trish said...

Not only does it look like fun..."flubber" is also fun to say!

Ashley Katz said...

I would love the recipe. I have played with it before and it's really fun!