Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Year Ago Today!

5 years ago today I married who has become my best friend and the love of my life. It is amazing how much you can grow together in just 5 years. We are great co-workers in our family and with every child we have become that much closer. I say co-workers because truly that is what two parents are when leading a family. We work together to find the best solutions in the raising of children, we plan short term and long term goals for our family unit, we lean on one another to get through busy/tough times, and we celebrate together when our work pays off. A marriage is a full time job and in order to succeed at it you must work at it. I am privileged to have a partner that feels the same way. And in that I have a happy marriage, forever evolving as our family ebbs and flows. I am so thankful to look forward to my husband coming home every night because I get to spend time with him and being excited for the weekend so we can hang out together. To you honey, I love you so much and can not think of a better way to walk through life but standing right next to you.

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