Friday, March 11, 2011

Special Moments

The greatest moments in life are watching my children experience something magical. I have not been a fan of most things Disney mostly because of the intense marketing pushed on our children and partly because I want my children to create their own ideas of what a princess is and does. But that is for another post. But of course my daughter is Disney obsessed. We went to Disneyland about 6 months ago and since them my daughter has been obsessed. She talks about Disneyland every day. She has collected Minnie Mouse and "all her friends" from the flea market. Every time we go she looks for another stuffed character and bargains with the vender's to buy them. She hasn't seen any of the movies and the Princesses and Minnie and all her friends go on many adventures in our house. In our house we only watch PBS cartoons and I am grateful for the lace of commercials. However, a "Disney on Ice" commercial appeared on PBS and it stopped Stinky in her tracks. When Daddy saw how mesmerised she was and that tickets were only $15 the first day he decided to surprise her and me with tickets.

Stinky was so excited. She counted down the days till it was time to go. When the lights went down and Mickey and Minnie came out there was magic in Stinky's eyes. Her mouth was agape and her eyes were wide. I have to admit it is times like these that make me proud to be a Mommy. There is nothing sweeter than experiencing an amazing memory with your children.

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