Thursday, March 10, 2011

Letting Imagination Be All It Can Be

Stinky has entered into a world of complex thoughts. With such complexity her imagination continues to grow and expand to foster play that is the reaction of such thoughts and ideas. Spaces to act out such play has sprung up all over the house. Her use of objects, materials and science to construct such spaces are so creative. In the excitement over her new level of play my creative juices begin flowing and I start spouting off ideas in sewing forts that go over the table or hang from the wall. My DH stops mid spinning thoughts (yes my mind works very fast) to remind what is important. Let her imagine and create! But I have so many great projects just waiting in the binder of amazing projects I have collected. My husband points to his annoying yet humours rule "He is always right" , (we let him think that) and concede this time he is right.

In an age where there are toys that make noise, toys that will do tricks at the push of a button, TV's with whatever you want to watch saved for your viewing at any time we have forgotten to let out children imagine. This is so important and this is why we have people who create such amazing toys and technology. It is so important to let children take what they have a create using IMAGINATION. So next time Stinky asks me for the towels I just folded and the measuring tape I was using while sewing, I will happily hand to her, look forward to the creation she is producing. And enjoy the time I don't have to sew that hut pattern I have been holding on to with out guilt because after I watching her brain grow as the towel is draped over the chair.

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