Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Walk in the Fall

Living in the city and particularly in an area where we are surrounded by cement, Stinky doesn't get a chance to walk and explore nature often enough. As we were running errands this morning we passed by a park filled with trees and leaves blowing everywhere. Spontaneously I decided to stop. (For me this spontaneity doesn't happen often.) I am glad we did.

I noticed as she swung on the swings she would lean back and look up into the trees. The trees had just a bit of sun shining through. As I looked up I realized how calming and relaxing this view was. I never would have experienced it without Stinky taking it in first. When she was done swinging we took a little walk. We collected all sorts of different leaves. Stinky was excited about the leaves until she saw the 5 squirrels playing in the trees. Taking her lead we stopped and just watched the squirrels for some time. She asked me what they were, she told me they were eating and had questions about what they were eating and why they were chasing each other. What a great experience! To stop and experience the world around us. To stop and observe without time restraint and through the lead of a toddler.

I was so thankful she took me along with her in this little adventure. Thanks Stinky

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