Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Painting Pumpkins with Daddy, Little Chu, and Her Daddy

Stinky gets very excited to see her friend Chu. Just yesterday my DH came home from work and knelt down with his arms open exclaiming Stinky's name. Stinky said, "Chu, car" and started walking toward the car. I had told her that when Daddy came home that we would be going to Chu's house for dinner. My DH was a little heart broken, but it is exciting to see her bond with someone and be excited to see her.

During Sunday night football the mommies stepped out to shop for materials for Halloween costumes. The daddies were given one task; Art during half time. Chu and Stinky had fun painting pumpkins with their Daddies in an effort to get ready for Halloween.

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