Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Building With Blocks

After Stinky showed such an interest in sitting and standing on her child sized rocking chair, I thought it was time to bring in her child sized table and chairs. She was very intrigued at the new addition to her room. I put some blocks on the table and sat her on the chair. I took one block and set it on top of another block, pointed and smiled. I took the block off and handed it to Stinky. She immediately wanted to emulate my previous action. It took her quite a few attempts, but once she was able to complete her first block stacking she was so proud of herself. She smiled and clapped for herself. I said, "Wow you must be so proud." Adding in a simple self-esteem lesson. She smiled and wanted to stack more on top of the already stacked blocks. Now every time I put her in this chair and the blocks are out she immediately begins stacking. She has gotten very efficient in stacking the blocks and can now stack up to 4 blocks. Great activity for hand-eye coordination and spacial awareness. These are both pre-writing and pre-math skills.

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