Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why Are Tents So Exciting?

We bought this tent for Stinky at a yard sale six months ago for $2. I found it in our storage and thought it would be fun to set it up. Stinky was so excited. I left it unzipped but as she begun to explore it she quickly wanted it shut. I left a small hole for her to climb in and out of. For days she spent time gathering items such as books, blocks, little toys and even the dogs to take inside her tent. She loved grabbing her blankie and water and just hanging out inside by herself. At one point she got Daddy to go into the tent with her. As I was busy taking the few moments to get somethings done I could hear nothing but giggles and squeals coming from our porch.

What is the lure of a tent to a child? Perhaps it is the idea of having a space just their own where they can create, imagine and just be by themselves. I suppose that never goes away as adults we seek to find that quite place where we can think, read, or just spend a few moments relaxing by ourselves. As I put the tent away ready for another day to introduce some newness and excitement I seek to find a special place where Stinky can go by herself to, "get away". A place where she can imagine, think and process all things she calls her world.

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