Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Off to a Good Start

Off the plane and Stinky was ready to go with her too cool sunglasses. She actually kept them on. No problems through customs and there was someone there waiting to take us to the hotel.
A little Tequila for the grown ups. Well maybe a little more than a little, it was the size of Stinky.

The girls were a big hit at the pool. They floated around the pool in their little floaty's and flirted with everyone they came across. There are a lot of retired folk down there and they just loved the girls. Of course I never got tired of hearing how cute my baby girl was. The daddies gave us a bit of time in the sun while they played with the girls. Stinky really enjoyed spending so much time with her daddy. All I herd all week was "papa" "papa".

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