Monday, September 29, 2008

O How The Things You Get Excited About Change When You Become a Mommy

I am very excited to because I bought a new diaper bag from It is a Bumble Bag and it is big and really good quality and even better 67% off. There was a time when purses, clothes for myself and other cool household items were exciting. Now it is diaper bags, kids clothes and toys. It is an amazing thing to become a mom. After 9 months of growing this little person in your tummy he or she comes out and this intense love that you never knew you were capable of wells up inside you never to leave. All selfishness you once had, all thoughts of bettering yourself, all else is put aside and everything is now for the little being you just created. It is amazing that motherly and fatherly love that comes from the instincts that are bred into us. I love being a mommy and I love all things mommy. Can't wait till my bag comes.

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